Welcome to 🍌 BANANO HUB

BANANO (BAN) is a feeless, ultrafast, meme driven cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology.

Our aim is to collate all the useful links to both official and community projects and applications into a single repository. In doing so we hope to provide a resource to help educate Monkeys, onboard new users and increase community involvement.

Key Features

  • Ultrafast

    The DAG Block Lattice structure of BANANO allows for ultrafast, near instant payments. Ideal for high volumes, including micro and nano-transactions.

  • Feeless

    Individual transactions provide validation for one another. BANANO network users are both miners and validators, so fees are not required to validate payments.

  • Secure

    BANANO's transactions are secured using a complex combination of mathematics and energy, with open representative voting as the consensus mechanism.

Get Started

Below are some official links in order to begin using the BANANO network.
Read the Yellowpaper™, create a wallet, receive some free BANANO and explore the Network!

What's with the Monkey's? 🙊

MonKeys are a unique graphical representation of BANANO addresses.

Although it's a little more complex - an algorithm takes your unique BANANO address, applies some mathematics and science to it, and it turns into a MonKey. MonKey's are a fun way to provide an alias for your BANANO address, so payments and services can be used without the need to link your true identity, if you so choose.


Get involved in community discussions, join community groups
and view some of the amazing community projects.